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    These are things I've written, and that you're going to read. If you don't read them...well, let's just say you should read them. I mean, they suck, but if you read them, the voices in my head won't tell me to eat your children or anything.

    The newest things should be up top, with the exception of things that were on the old site, too. They're all clumped at the bottom.

Some day, Harry...some day... You can guess what this is.
Ooooh, I didn't write this...


Author: Liz Carter

Okay, this is something a reader submitted...it was written by the reader's sister...so I'm not really sure how to classify it.

I liked it. Maybe you'll like it. A bit artsy, but hey, whaddayagonnado.

------------------------ Everything below here, this is old stuff that I wrote before the site layout changed. There is no date on any of it, I can't be blamed for it not being in the correct category, and if any of the serials are revived, I'll move them up out of here and into the live section up above. Delight in my former retardedness in the same way you revel in my more current retardedness.


MY CONTEST! Yeah, I had a contest. Still open, sadly enough. Go on, enter it.
Interview with P1ayb0y My interview with an unnamed publication. Really quite lame, in retrospect. Included only for the sake of making it seem like I have done more than I really have.
I hate Harry My misdirected rage.
Harvey 1 This is the first (and only) chapter of a longer work I contemplated. Somehow it fizzled out. Didn't see that one coming...
Dystopia My global vision.
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

These two things are the first two chapters of an obviously unfinished serial I had started, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Alias J. Pseudonym.
Cruel to be kind This piece is a little rough around the edges, but a gem nonetheless.


Billy Bob Oh, the memories...
I hate hippies Still as relevant as the day I vomited it.
Untitled story This is a story. It seems to have no title. I made it out of pasta and Elmer's glue! Put it on your fridge. Bitch.
I have no idea what this is... The link says it all...
Something To Do It's later! This is a revised version of the same story. Unfortunately, revision did nothing to remove the stench of shitty writing that haunts this piece.
Something To Do This is a thing I wrote a long time ago, and a couple of folks thought it was passable. There is also a newer version of it that I need to put up later (it went through revision in a class at 'school').