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Welcome telemarketing friends from the southern sanctuary and paradise of Virginia! We're typing at you, Tania, however you spell your name!

This is ahemm.org. You know that because you're here. This is sort of a pseudo-blog. I write a lot sometimes, and this is my repository for things that I feel need reposition. I am redesigning the site. I felt it needed spiffing-up. Now, though, it may look too classy for the assorted fecal detritus I put in here.

    Unless otherwise noted, everything in here was created by me, although likely with heavy influence from elsewhere. (Yes, I stole every idea I have ever had, and so have you.) My name is Alias J. Pseudonym, and my name is Anonymous J. Pseudonym. We are me, but we don't get along. Anything that induces smiles was made by one of me, and anything that induces anything else, which is most everything in here, was made by the other of me.

    Included in the things to come are commentability, which I sense will be seldom used, and submittability, about which I sense the same.

    For recent happenings, check the news. For everything else, check where it is.


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